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Why you shouldn't compare yourself to somebody online


Have you ever had one of those moments where you are really happy with how you look? You did your hair and makeup, your outfit is on point and you just overall are happy with yourself. And then you go on social media….

Social media can be a great thing, it gives us a way to connect with people we do not see often, a way to keep up with current affairs and a way to look at different styles and designs. However, there is a downside to social media as well. Social media is a great marketing tool for businesses and individuals which means that there are a lot of styles images, edited images and posts about how well someone is doing.

These posts can be great for their business and their following, however, it can have an effect on the people looking at them. How many times have you gone on social media and all of a sudden felt a little less happy about yourself? We have all been there. But the thing is – you should never compare yourself to someone you see online. Why?

You do not know what is going on in their lives

Just because an image online looks perfect and as if a person is living their best life, does not mean that this is the case. Social media may be their way of expressing themselves and trying to show some confidence and self-esteem. They could be using this as an outlet to show the person they want to be.

It is not reality

The people you see with shredded abs, perfect hair and perfect bodies and sporting sexy lingerie may not actually be like this is real life. The images posted to social media may be being used to sell a product, generate a following on their account or to promote something. This means that they may be tailoring their images to the target market and making it look better than it actually is.

Their beauty is not yours

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. What you might see as beautiful in someone you see online, others may not think that. Something that you are not happy with about your own body, maybe the reason someone else fell in love with you. Their beauty does not deflect from yours at all. Each person is at a different time in their lives with different priorities and different outlooks on life. Your life is what is important, the way you see yourself and the confidence that you are able to express.

Because it won’t make you happy

Looking at an image online of someone and wishing that you looked like that will not make you happy. Even if you did look like that, you would potentially then see another image of someone else and then wish you looked like that. It is a vicious circle. There is always someone out there that we wish to look or act like – even if it is not within our means.

The most important thing to do when scrolling through social media is not to compare yourself to anyone that you see on there. You need to focus on self-love and finding a happy within yourself. Once you have started to accept yourself for who you are, you will begin to be happier within yourself. Your confidence will rise and you will no longer spend your time wishing you were something else.

Schedule in some ‘me time’ and do the things that make you happy.


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