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Why shop at a Lingerie Boutique in Australia?

Black lace plus size lingerie set

Currently, the market is flooded with lingerie. I for one, know that my Facebook feed is constantly flooded with extremely cheap websites based overseas. The photos look great and the prices are great, so a lot of people will purchase from these sites.

Generally, it doesn't end very well.

I think it is important to purchase your lingerie, especially your plus size lingerie from somebody who is in Australia. Here are a few reasons why -

1. Supporting other Australians

Supporting a local business is always beneficial - you are putting money into the Australian economy and you are supporting your community.

2. Sizing

Lingerie sizing is hard enough as it is. Purchasing from a company based outside of Australia will change the sizing you are going by.

It is important to remember that Australia's standard size 16 is different from Europe's or China's size 16. A lot of companies offer size charts, however, I know I don't measure myself every time I purchase something online.

3. Better customer service

I am a little bias here because I love my customers, so I ensure I do what I can to make them feel empowered and happy with my business. When you purchase your plus size lingerie within Australia, generally you are dealing with a some-what small business so half of the time, you are dealing directly with the owner who does care about you, as a customer.

4. Quality of the garment

Each business is different and will have their items manufactured in a different country. When you purchase within Australia, chances are, your items will be of better quality compared to cheaper options available on the internet. This is due to our standard of quality in fashion.

5. Truth

I have online shopped for more than 10 years now and I try to do most of my shopping online, mostly because I have no time, because of this, I have noticed a big difference between local Australian businesses and businesses overseas.

When you purchase online, you need to trust that you are purchasing from a real website and company, you also need to trust the photographs you see are actually the same product.

I have purchased so many pieces of clothing from websites overseas, to be utterly disappointed when the items arrive and they are three sizes too small or don't look like a photo.

While there is a chance that you could be deceived by Australian retailers too, that chance is lessened immensely!

I read somewhere once "buying from a small business doesn't help a CEO purchase their third-holiday house, it helps a little girl get her dance lessons", ever since I read this quote, I aim to support as many small businesses within Australia as I can.

So overall, purchasing your lingerie within Australia is a safer option for you.

Every country will have the good and the bad retailers, I can guarantee we are one of the good ones in Australia!


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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