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Why losing weight won't necessarily make you happy

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Many people want to lose weight. There are numerous reasons behind people wanting to lose weight and it is, of course, their choice on if they want to do it or not. However, one thing that needs to be considered if thinking about losing weight is that weight loss is not a magical tool that will all of a sudden make you happy.

Many people are unhappy with themselves and at times this can be put down to their appearance and their weight. They may not be happy with how they look or they may wish to be a smaller size. This is completely normal, unfortunately, though once they decide to lose weight it doesn’t mean that their perception of themselves will change and they may not become instantly happy like they thought that they would. In order to help yourself, you need to learn to be happy and make changes to your life and not just your weight.

Weight loss can be hard

Weight loss can be hard. You need to have a lot of dedication and strength to be able to stick to a healthy eating plan and an exercise plan. You may be eating foods that you are not fond of and doing exercises which you are not interested in. This can create a sense of frustration and annoyance at the thought of weight loss. It can then shift the unhappy feeling of not being your desired weight to an unhappy feeling of having to keep up this lifestyle you are not happy with.

It is all new to you

Many people that are overweight or not their ideal body size have come to terms with it in one way or another. They may be a happy, confident person whilst they are this weight and they have learned to love themselves in a different way.

Once you begin to lose large amounts of weight it can then change the way you feel about yourself. You may be looking completely different from how you use to look and this can be a big blow for your confidence. It can make things harder for you in the beginning. You need to get used to this new person, find your confidence again and it can be hard on people, to begin with.

It can open up other wounds

Losing weight in the hope of it making you happier can actually start to shift the internal issues you have with yourself to another area. It could be that you think your dislike of your self is because of your weight but in many cases once the weight has been lost and a person has reached their ideal weight they then find something else that they are not happy with. It can be a very upsetting and unhealthy funnel to be falling now.

It just isn’t the answer

It is that simple. Weight loss is not the answer to a happy life. Being happy is more than just looking in a mirror and being content with what you see. There are so many aspects of our lives that contribute to our wellbeing and happiness. Weight loss may be high up on your list of things that you want to achieve to be happy, however, it is not the only contributing factor to being happy.

In order to be happy, you need to focus on all aspects of your life. You need to first learn to love yourself – however, you look. Self-love is the most important part of a happy life.

Once you have achieved self-love you can then look at the other aspects of your life, how they contribute to your happiness or unhappiness and start making changes to them in order to fit in with your lifestyle.

Take the time to focus on YOU. Be the person that YOU want to be. Drive happiness for YOU. Love YOU. Respect YOU. And remember YOU are your own worst critic, learn to love yourself and become your own best supporter.


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