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Wedding night lingerie

Your wedding day is one of the most important days that you will have. It is a day where you get to declare your love for your partner and promise to spend the rest of your life with them. It is such an exciting and memorable time for you. Once the wedding is finished and it is just you and your partner, the wedding night begins.

The wedding night is a symbolic night as it is the first time that you and your partner will spend the night together as a married couple. In many cases, the night will include the intimate time between you and your partner. As this will be your first time as a married couple it is important to make it a time to remember.

Lingerie is normally a big part of the lead-up to the wedding night activities. Many women choose to wear a brand new set of lingerie that is sexy and inviting to their partner. Lingerie comes in many different styles and you should take the time to choose a piece that suits you and that you are comfortable in. When choosing your lingerie for your wedding night, keep these tips in mind.

Body shape

We all come in different shapes and sizes – there is nothing wrong with this!

It does mean however that the way that something looks hanging in the store, on the model online or on the mannequin may not be how it looks on you. Be aware of your body shape when choosing your lingerie and choose something that you will feel physically comfortable in.

Think about YOU

The most important thing when choosing your wedding night lingerie is to think about yourself first. It is great that you are wanting to surprise your partner with something new and sexy but if it is not something that you are comfortable in, you will not be able to show confidence and really, confidence is hot!

Find something that you are comfortable in, that makes you smile and that makes you go ‘woah’ because it is important to make sure that you are happy in the lingerie and that you are pleasing yourself with how you look.


Budget is a word that is thrown around a lot when you are talking about a wedding. And for great reason, weddings can get very expensive and most things that are a part of a wedding day are only used for that one day. Chances are the lingerie will be the same and it will get packed away the next day. There is nothing wrong with spending money on a good quality piece of lingerie, just make sure that you have a budget when you start shopping for your lingerie and you stick to it.


Your wedding night lingerie is not just another piece of lingerie that you will wear on a daily basis and have in rotation. It is an important piece that you are going to treasure and remember for years to come. Find a piece that has different details to it and makes it stand out from the rest of your lingerie. White and lacey are the main factors that most people go for when choosing their wedding lingerie but you can look further into the detail and choose a piece that has beading, silver stitching and much more.

When looking for and deciding on the pieces of lingerie that you are going to wear on your wedding night make sure to remember that even though it is an important night, what you are wearing under your wedding dress is not the most important thing. So try not to stress too much when looking for the right piece. Look for something that will radiate your beauty and your confidence and that you will be comfortable in.

Make your wedding night one to remember – with or without the lingerie 😉.


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