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Ways you can love your body right now

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When people talk about self-love, many people think that this means learning to love yourself in a spiritual way. This can be true, but it also means loving yourself in all aspects of you. This includes mind, body and soul. A lot of women have trouble not only loving but accepting their body as it is. We too often look at the things we see as negatives and do not focus on the positives. It is time to change this and begin to love our bodies and the way they are. Check out below a few ways that you can love your body right now!

Get to know your body

There is a difference between being in your body and actually knowing your body. You would look at different parts of your body numerous times throughout the day, yet you don’t actually ‘see’ it. Take the time to properly get to know and understand your body. This can include standing in front of a mirror and looking at your body in the whole. Or laying in bed and running your hands over the different parts of your body.

By doing this you are able to see and feel the different parts of your body and get to know them. It helps you to understand what is where and why. It can be a very embracing feeling.

Spoil yourself

A great way to love your body is by spoiling it with lingerie that makes you feel good and happy about your body. There are different lingerie types to suit all body shapes and sizes. This means that you are bound to find a piece that not only looks great but also makes you feel confident and sexy in it.

Lingerie is not just something that you put on in the bedroom for your partner. It is about making you feel confident and in love with yourself. So yes, you can wear it under your work clothes, when you are out with friends or in bed on your own.

Change your mindset

You may not notice it right now, but a lot of the negative energy towards your body and how it is perceived comes from you. There may be times when someone around you says something not so nice about your body, but chances are most of the time it is coming directly from you.

By changing your mindset and focusing on only making positive comments about your body, you will learn to go to these thoughts first. It will help you to love your body over time and when you look in the mirror you will see the positives rather than the things you once saw as negatives.

Change what you are measuring

Rather than spending your time on the scales or with a tape measure in hand, start measuring the important things. Loving your body doesn’t mean that you need to be a size 8. Loving your body means loving and accepting the body that you have.

So instead of measuring the weight coming off, measure how you are feeling. Measure your happiness. Take the time to measure how many good things you can see on your body. By looking at these instead of the number on the scale, you are able to move towards loving and accepting the body that you have.

Dress for your body size now

How many pairs of jeans do you have in the back of your wardrobe that you *might* fit into one day? By hoarding these clothes you are holding onto an image of yourself that is not existent at the moment. This can cause you to feel upset, frustrated and depressed with the body that you do have.

Why not look at the body type that you have and go out and splurge on a new wardrobe that suits that body. There are plenty of different styles that suit different body types. By dressing to your body type, it means that you can complement your body in all the right places. It will make you feel happier, sexier and more in love with your body.

Body image is a big part of society these days. There are always going to be things that we are not 1005 happy with. However, it is time to start loving ourselves and loving our bodies that we have. Let’s love our bodies!


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