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101 ways to practise self-care

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Let's talk about how you can practice self-care yourself and how often you should practise self-care. This question gets asked quite often and it can be difficult to answer because what works for one person, may not work for another person and so-on, so-forth.

As there are different types of self care, there are also different ways you could practice self care, we have put together a list of 101 ways you can start loving yourself:

  1. Get out of bed in the morning – even if you don’t want too.

  2. Call your best friend

  3. Try yoga

  4. Read your favourite book

  5. Go for a walk outside

  6. Cook your favourite meal

  7. Dance around in your underwear

  8. Join a support group

  9. Drink tea

  10. Take a nap

  11. Write a bucket list

  12. Smile at strangers

  13. Ask for help when you need it

  14. Get some sunlight

  15. Spring clean

  16. Book a new tattoo or piercing

  17. Learn how to say no

  18. Watch the clouds

  19. Eat healthy and nourishing foods

  20. Get a facial and pedicure

  21. Listen to music

  22. Watch stand up comedy

  23. Visit a counsellor

  24. Make an inspiration list

  25. Write a list of things you like about yourself

  26. Try something you have always wanted to do

  27. Book a holiday

  28. Visit your parents

  29. Adopt a pet

  30. Watch your favourite movie

  31. Call in sick to work when you need too

  32. Get off of social media for a day

  33. Play in a park

  34. Have a bubble bath

  35. Drink a lot of water

  36. Sign up to a Pilates class

  37. Wash your hair

  38. Write in a journal

  39. Make sure you are sleeping enough

  40. Laugh

  41. Ask for positive feedback at work

  42. Splurge on yourself

  43. Take a different route to work

  44. Start a compliments journal

  45. Visit your doctor for a check-up

  46. Try meditation

  47. Go on a girl’s night out

  48. Sing in the shower

  49. Get your hair done

  50. Change your phone background to a positive quote

  51. Know that it is OK to not be OK

  52. Make a scrapbook of your favourite photos

  53. Google your random questions

  54. Get your nails done

  55. Have a weekly BBQ with friends or family

  56. Cry when you need too

  57. Play a game you played as a child

  58. Stargaze

  59. Unfollow negative people on social media

  60. Get dressed up for no reason

  61. Read a magazine

  62. Take an Epsom bath

  63. Organize your closest

  64. Make and apply a face mask

  65. Get a colouring book

  66. Take pictures of nature

  67. Join a gym

  68. Visit a dermatologist and get some new face products

  69. Lay in the sun

  70. Volunteer

  71. Know that size is just a number - no matter if you are plus size.

  72. Stretch daily

  73. Take three big deep breaths

  74. Organise your week

  75. Learn about budgeting

  76. Do a random act of kindness

  77. Play an online game

  78. Sign up to a new course

  79. Spend time in silence

  80. Delete all of your old emails

  81. Make a vision board

  82. Avoid triggers

  83. Face your fears

  84. Change your environment

  85. Find someone who inspires you

  86. Slow down – life isn’t short, it is the longest thing you get.

  87. Make a playlist of your favourite songs

  88. Leave crappy jobs and people

  89. Appreciate the small things

  90. Buy yourself flowers

  91. Don’t do anything you don’t want too

  92. Visit your dentist

  93. Start a savings account

  94. Go on a date with yourself

  95. Visit a museum

  96. Play with children

  97. Write “I love you” on your mirror

  98. Write out a list of 25 examples of things you’ve overcome or accomplished

  99. Scream

  100. Challenge yourself

  101. Know that you are doing great.

Everybody will have different techniques to practice self care, and that is okay. Find what ways suit you and expand your list to 101 ways too!

Happy self-caring!