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Using sex toys in the bedroom

Every now and again, we start to look at what we are doing in the bedroom and wonder if there is something different we can try. Not only does it bring excitement into the bedroom but it can also help to open up communication between you and your partner and also strengthen the bond between you.

Many women already experiment with toys when they are alone. But have you ever thought of bringing your toys into the bedroom with your partner? Using sex toys in the bedroom should not be thought of as taboo, it can be very healthy for your relationship. Read on to find out how to use sex toys in the bedroom.

Talk to your partner

The first step in bringing toys into the bedroom is to talk to your partner about it. You never know, it might be something that they have been thinking about as well but have been too scared to mention anything. Talk about what you would like to bring into the bedroom. The different toys you would like to experiment with and ask them what they would like to use.

Talking about it all at the beginning is important as it helps you both to know what the other person is thinking. Talk about boundaries, limitations and what you are not comfortable with.

Go shopping

Once you have decided that you want to bring some different things into the bedroom, the fun part starts. It is time to go shopping for your new additions (if you don’t already have them).

There are many online stores that you can buy toys from or you can visit an adult store. It is a good idea to look or go together so that you can both decide on the toys you are comfortable with. If you are wanting a few different pieces that looking in person will help you to see the range available. Sometimes once you see something in person you change your mind on it.

Make it a fun and exciting experience. If you are feeling awkward or ashamed walking into an adult shop (which you definitely shouldn’t) then try buying online from the comfort of your own home.

Also, don’t forget the lube. If you are new to using toys or your partner is, it is a good idea to have lube or massage oil on hand. This can help make things go smoother.

Lingerie is also a great addition. If you are already buying toys for the bedroom, why not spend a little extra and get yourself some sexy lingerie to set the mood for the night.

Plan your evening

Once you have all your new equipment and it is time to use it, plan the night. Rather than just jumping straight into it, why not organise a date night and work your way up to it. As it is something new and different there will probably be nerves from both of you. By easing your way into the night and the activities it will help you to feel more comfortable and in control.

Any excuse for date night is a good excuse, right?

Remember the limitations

Once your night is off to a start and you are ready to move to the bedroom, remember the chat you had with your partner. Think about the things that you both mentioned in regards to limitations and what you are comfortable with. In the heat of the moment you may want to try other things and that is perfectly okay. But you need to make sure you communicate it with your partner first and ensure that they are comfortable with it as well.

Take things slow. Once you start trying things, you or your partner may decide that you are not that into it. This is perfectly fine and it just means that you stop and try something else instead. Don’t feel pressured to continue if you are not comfortable.

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom doesn’t mean that you are unhappy with your sex life or your partner. It means that you are comfortable with them and that you feel right letting them do additional things to you in the bedroom. It is a way to bring more excitement to the bedroom and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

And most of all – HAVE FUN!

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