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Using lingerie as a way to bond with your partner

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When you are in a relationship there are certain things that you strive for. Trust and love are two of the biggest goals to have in a relationship. Without these, there is a chance the relationship will break down or not last the length of time.

In order to build these attributes in your relationship, you need to be able to bond with your partner. Bonding is important as it helps to bring you closer and creates a stronghold between the two of you. There are many different ways to bond with your partner, both inside the bedroom and out. And lucky for you, there are many ways that you can bring lingerie into the bonding experience. Check out below a few ways that you can use lingerie as a way to bond with your partner.

Shows your confidence

By wearing lingerie in front of your partner, it can help them to see that you are comfortable and confident around them. Lingerie is a delicate subject with many women and many feel like it is not something that they can pull off. However, wearing lingerie doesn’t need to be about whether other people think it looks good. It is about how it makes you feel.

If you are comfortable enough to wear lingerie in front of your partner, it shows that you are comfortable with them and that you are happy for them to see you in this different space. Lingerie can help to bring you together on an emotional level and build confidence in yourself, your partner and the relationship.

Helps bonding in the bedroom

Now, I do mean bonding, not bondage (however there is nothing wrong with that either 😉.

The bedroom is a sacred place and what happens in the bedroom is special to the people involved. By wearing lingerie in the bedroom it can help bring you closer together on a sexual level. It could be that you have fantasies that involve lingerie and you want to share these with your partner. Or the other way around, you may want to help fulfill their fantasies.

It can bring out a new side of you in the bedroom that you may have been hiding due to being nervous for how your partner might react. A new level of confidence comes out when you put on a strappy, lacey garment and know you are rocking it.

Can be a conversation starter

Believe it or not, you can use your love for lingerie as a way to start a conversation with your partner. Conversation and communication are big parts of a relationship and you can bond really well with your partner through conversation.

Start talking to your partner about lingerie that you have purchased, or would like to purchase. Get their input on the different items and ask them which ones they like. Not only is this a great way to start a conversation but it is also a great way to find out what you both like and how you can incorporate it into your sex lives.

Brings excitement

Another way that you can bond with your partner is through innuendo and cheeky little games. For example you could be out at a café and then you quietly let your partner know that you are wearing lacey panties or another piece of sexy lingerie. This creates a level of excitement and suspense in the relationship. The way in which this helps with bonding is because you are showing your partner that you are comfortable in them knowing what you are wearing under your clothes while you are out and about.

It helps you to bond on a sexual level and builds confidence in your relationship. It may also help with your sex life by bringing a naughty aspect to it.

Being able to love and trust your partner is the ultimate end goal. By building the bond between you both and strengthening it in any way you can, you are well on your way to a long and happy life together.

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