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Tips for bra shopping - plus size included!

Here at Bras By S, we know how difficult it can be finding affordable, sexy and comfortable bras, especially for plus size bras in Australia.

I personally have struggled for years with finding the right size and fit and somehow I ended up with 7 different sized bras in my drawers at home? Don't ask me how I ever got to that point!

Purchasing the right bra can be nearly impossible, especially if you have a bigger bust and need support.

Here are our top tips for your success with bra shopping!

1. Get fitted professionally (regularly)

Wearing the incorrect bra size is uncomfortable and it can be unflattering. While it can be awkward and kind of weird having another woman around your boobs, at least you'll know what size you are and can hunt for the cheapest bra in your size!

This does not mean one bra fitting will do you for life, keep in mind you need to get fitted at least once a year - a lot can change in a year!

2. Know what you're looking for

How often do you go to the grocery store (or K-mart) and go there for one thing but yet when you go home, you have a trolley full of items and not what you originally wanted..

The same thing happens when shopping for bras! There are many styles, colours and types of bras available. Knowing what you are after can help you find what you need without needing an explanation to your partner!

3. Support! (Super important for our plus size ladies)

Did you know that wearing an unsupportive bra can stretch your breast tissue and ultimately makes your boobs droop and sag over time? It can also lead to other problems including back and neck pain.

Your bra needs to offer you support. When trying your bra on, your breasts should feel firm in place.

4. Shop at the right place

While bras can be cheaper at big retailers, keep in mind their staff are not trained specifically in the field.

Being able to ask questions and receive the relevant and right answers is extremely important.

5. Check transparency

Sounds minor but have you ever bought a beautiful bra and then put in under your clothes at home and all those cute sequins make it look like you have 17 nipples...

Wear a style of shirt you wear regularly while bra shopping and double-check the bra is suitable.

6. Go shopping with an open mind

Body sizes change and so does your bra size! Try not to worry about needing to size up or down when shopping.

7. Shop with time

This one is extremely important to me personally, I need to go shopping when I know I have the time to shop around and try on bras. Especially because I am a bigger size, it can take me a while to find the right size in a design I am happy with.

8. Take friends and have fun!

I know, it sounds weird, but take some of your girlfriends and make it a fun day. Friends are always honest when shopping so you know you're getting a bra that looks great and you can all get brownies afterwards!


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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