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The Five Love Languages


Have you heard of the five love languages?

They are the five ways in which you are able to show love to your partner and show them in ways other than using the words ‘I love you”.

There are five areas that are covered under the love languages and each one of them gives a different way than you can show your love for your partner. Take a look below on each of the five love languages and how each of them works.

Words of Affirmation

One way in which to show your partner that you love them is by using words of affirmation. This is using words other than the typical I love you to tell them how you feel. This can include things such as complimenting them on how they look, praising them for something that they have done well and giving them positive reinforcement on a task that they are completing.

Words of affirmation help your partner to see that you are noticing them, the way they are acting and the way they are dressing. It shows that you appreciate them and everything that they do for you and you want to let them know that.

Quality Time

Quality time between you and your partner is very important for a healthy relationship. Quality time involves doing something just the two of you and giving each other your undivided attention during that time.

Giving quality time to your partner shows that you are appreciating them and wanting to be close to them and spend time with just them. It shows that you are able to close off the rest of the world and only focus on your partner for that period of time.

Receiving Gifts

Many say that love is the spirit of giving and it is. There is a lot to be said for giving a gift to the person you love. However, the receiving of a gift can say so much more.

Receiving a gift means that the person receiving the gift is able to say that they can see that you were thinking about them, that you care about them and were thinking about you. It shows that they have taken the time to find something that you will love and purchase it for you. Receiving a gift from a person you love is a very special moment.

Acts of Service

Acts of service are another way to show your partner that you love them and how much they mean to you. Acts of service do not need to be big, extravagant things. They can be simple tasks that your partner would normally complete and you know that they would appreciate the help with completing. This can be as simple as helping with the washing, mowing the lawns or taking the kids out for the afternoon so that they can have a bit of time on their own.

By doing this you are showing that you appreciate everything that they do for you and you want to repay them and help them with the tasks so that they are not having to do them on their own.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is a very important part of any healthy relationship. Physical touch does not have to mean anything sexual and the more non-sexual physical touch that you are taking part in with your partner the better. This can include hugging your partner when you are coming or going from the home, holding hands with them whilst you are out and about or simply sitting with your arm around your partner or on their leg whilst you are watching television together.

Physical touch shows the closeness between the two of you and that you are comfortable with them under any conditions. If holding hands in public it helps show that you are proud of your partner and happy to be seen in that close space with them.

The five love languages should all be practiced in any healthy relationship. It helps to build the relationship up, strengthen the bond between the two of you and help create healthy habits between you both.

Be happy and remember, show your partner how much they mean to you.

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Photographer & Creative Director – Kerry Sleeman Photography

Makeup Artist – Liz Bomben Hair & Makeup Artist

Models – Jessica Hargreaves & Patrick Force

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