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Storing your lingerie

Plus size lingerie in australia

Buying lingerie is exciting. There are so many different pieces to choose from. The different colours, textures and designs make it one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences. But once you get it home, you need to make sure that you are looking after it. After spending all that money on yourself, you want your new sexy pieces to last.

Storing your lingerie is simple and easy. By taking note of a few ways to do it, you can get the best life out of your pieces and continue wearing them without issues.

Check out below how to best store your lingerie.

Organise your drawers

The first step is to organise your drawers so that you are not pulling out every piece when you are looking for something in particular. There are some great drawer dividers and boxes that you can get to go in your drawers. By separating the different garments you can not only keep your drawers tidy but also reduce the risk of damage. If everything is thrown into the one draw and isn’t organised, you can risk catching lacey bits on bra clips. You can get runs and holes in stocking and damage to strappy pieces.

Organisation is key!


Using hangers aren’t just for your work shirts. In order to help keep padded bras in shape, hanging them is recommended. By doing this, they are not squished in a drawer. The padding has less chance of being distorted and ruined if they are hung. Using a hanger, you can get 4-5 bras on the one.

If you are using a drawer for your bras, make sure that they are not just thrown in there all squished on top of each other. Fold the bras in a way that the padding is in its correct position to keep it in shape.

If you are travelling, using bra bags will help keep your bras in their correct shape and reduce the risk of damage when they are in your overnight bag or suitcase.

Underwear and bra sets

If you have a matching bra and underwear sets, try to store them together so that you do not have to waste time looking for the correct pieces. A great way to do this is by folding the underwear and placing it on top of the first bra cup, then fold the bra so that the over cup encloses the underwear inside.

Babydolls & Bodysuits

If you have longer pieces of lingerie including bodysuits, consider hanging these up. By hanging them up you are reducing the risk of damage to them from bra clips in the drawers. Many of these pieces have delicate lace on them, so you want to keep them safe and reduce the risk of pulling and holes.

Stay away from wood

Whether you are hanging your items up or have them in drawers, try to steer clear of wooden products such as wooden coat hangers or wooden drawers. The risk with a lot of wooden products is that they can splinter and your delicate pieces can catch on these. This can cause holes in garments or pulling of the delicate lace or silk.

Acrylic drawer organised or plastic coat hangers are a good choice as they are smooth and soft. Your items may slide a bit on plastic hangers, but it is better than them being ruined right?

Out with the old

Your lingerie collection may continue to grow over time, so remember to sort through your collection every now and again and get rid of the pieces that you no longer wear. Overcrowded drawers not only bring a risk of items getting damaged but also mean that you may forget about some gorgeous pieces that you own.

The last thing you want after spending a lot of money on new lingerie is for it to get ruined at home.

Make sure that you are not only focusing on the storing of your lingerie, but also the care when you are washing it. There are certain materials that do not take well to hot water or being put in the clothes dryer. Also, consider using delicates bags when washing these items so that they are not ruined in the washing machine.

Take care of your new-found loves.


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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