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Self-care for the mind


Everybody has forgotten to take care of themselves at one point or another in their life. Which I know, you get busy, you have a to-do list longer than the dictionary and you are tired, the last thing you want to do is "self-care", but you need to make the time.

If you don't you will begin battling exhaustion and mental fog, as well as various other health issues.

Self-care is something your mind requires to function healthily and happily.

This week, I'd like you to commit to practising one self-care for the mind activity each day, and remember, self-care isn't something you can just tick off once and that's that, it is a continual requirement to go forward.

1. Write in a journal - writing about your day in a journal is easy and usually fast. It helps clear out any issues you had during the day and you can also make notes on what you need to get done tomorrow.

2. Start a compliments file - start writing down all the lovely things people say to you and about you. Whenever you are feeling down, you can take a read and remember your strengths.

3. Take a different route to work - it sounds a little silly, but going a different way to work will open your mind and make new pathways in the brain to keep it healthy.

4. Eat whatever you want - one day of the week, forget about being healthy and counting calories, just eat whatever you want.

5. Listen to new music - try and find some new bands to listen too, jump onto YouTube and just listen to anything that starts playing.

6. Fix an annoyance - I'm sure there is just one thing at home that is really annoying you, it could be a pile of washing you haven't put away or the cupboard that needs a new hinge. I want you to fix it, deal with it and move forward. You will feel so much better.

7. Buy something new - did you see some new lingerie you wanted or a new book? Spend that money this week and treat yourself.

8. Try mediation - google a meditation app, or instruction video and try meditation for just five minutes. You will be surprised how relaxed you will feel after.

9. Have a nap - if you are exhausted and tired, just take a nap. Don't worry about what you need to get done around the house and just take the nap.

10. Try something new - join the boxing class you wanted to try or go to that new museum or sign up for the new course you wanted, try one thing new.

11. Edit social media - delete, unfollow and remove the negative people on your newsfeed.

12. Change your phone screen - put a positive and uplifting quote as your lock screen so every time you check your phone, you are reminded of positivity.

13. Go cloud watching - lay in your backyard for half an hour and just watch the clouds. Watch how they continue going forward, no matter what is going through your mind.

14. Meet a counsellor - if you have been bugging yourself over something and can't seem to shake it, book a session with a counsellor. No matter how big or small the issue, a professional can definitely help.

15. Write a gratitude list - list all of the things that make you happy and thankful to be alive today.

Start your self-care journey today and you'll never be the same x