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Self-care affirmations


Affirmations inspire you to live a better life with your inner self. Whether you are wanting to improve yourself emotionally, spiritually or intellectually, the following list of affirmations will help you on your journey to personal growth.

"I am loved"

"I am the hero in my story"

"I am beautiful & radiate with light from within"

"It is okay for me to have everything I want"

"I have much to celebrate about myself and my life"

"I am growing and learning each and everyday"

"I believe in myself and offer value to others"

"I have my back"

"I allow myself to heal"

"The more I care for and love myself, the more love I experience from others"

"Self-love comes to me with ease"

"I am smart, courageous and self confident"

"I love, accept and appreciate myself and others unconditionally"

"I take joy in every positive step I take"

"I am starting to make positive changes in my life"

"Nothing stands in the way of my self-love. I can choose self-love now"

"I am a magnet of love"

"I am safe. I am supported. I am protected"

"I deserve all that is good"

"I take sufficient time for rest and renewal"

"I deserve respect"

"Kill your doubt with the coldest of weapons: Confidence."

"Be yourself"

"Do not let your soul be defined by its shell"

"I choose to be grateful for all that I have"

"I feel at peace with my appearance"

"I choose to let go of negative self chatter"

"I can do it"

"Positive thinking comes naturally to me"

"My life is beginning to improve"

"I love and respect myself deeply"

"I am starting to make positive changes in my life"

"I have complete confidence in myself"

"I am a positive thinker"

"I am taking steps to better my life"

"Having confidence in myself is becoming easier with each passing day"

"Personal growth is an important part of my life"

"I am a naturally balanced and healthy person"

"I am healthy and strong. I live life to the fullest."