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Reviving your sex life

Sexy plus size lingerie model

There are many aspects to a relationship and although your sex life isn’t the only one, it is still a big part of it. A good sex life not only makes you feel good, but it also brings you and your partner together on an intimate level. It helps you to bond, be close and learn about each other in another way.

At times in our lives, our sex life can be pushed aside. There are many reasons for this including not feeling well, being too tired and not getting the time to be alone. It can often even come down to simply not feeling like it. But that doesn’t mean it is over – you can get it back to what it was (or better!). Check out below our tips for reviving your sex life.

Talk to your partner

The first thing is to talk to your partner about how you are feeling. If you are not feeling in the mood for sex, or your partner isn’t, talk about what may be causing it. It could be as simple as you are in the mood at different times of the day. It could be that you are too exhausted from work. It could be along the lines of wanting to try something new and being scared to ask your partner if they want to.

By talking about everything you are feeling about being intimate, it can help you and your partner to become comfortable with each other again. You may find a simple fix and before you know it you are back in the bedroom.

Add lingerie into the mix

Sometimes our sex lives can get boring. The same old thing every time and even though it is enjoyable it looses some of the excitement. By adding lingerie into the bedroom, it can bring a new level of excitement. Not only will it turn your partner on seeing you in sexy lingerie, but it will also help you to feel more confident and in control as well.

It can be a simple, sexy lacey bra and pantie set or you can add in camisoles that reveal different parts of your body.

Find pieces that will make you feel sexy and confident and add a little spark into the bedroom. Even telling your partner while you are out that you are wearing lingerie under your clothes will help to get them excited and in the mood.

Experiment with toys

Many women will use toys in their own time when they are alone. But it doesn’t need to end there. Using toys with your partner can add excitement and spark to the bedroom. You need to be comfortable with the toys being used and talk about it beforehand. You could even go to an adult store together and choose a few pieces that you will both enjoy using.

There are lots of different toys on the market for all occasions and you are bound to find one that brings fun and orgasms to the bedroom.

Naughty talk

Reviving your sex life doesn’t just happen in the bedroom. It can start at any point of the day, from wherever you are. Start sending naughty messages to your partner throughout the day to help get them (and you) in the mood. Talk about what you want to do to them. What you are wearing. Or anything else that you think will turn them on.

Getting unexpected messages from you throughout the day will not only surprise them but it will have them wanting to rush home to the bedroom as soon as they can.

Don’t think too much

One reason a lot of people who struggle with their sex lives aren’t able to revive them is that they think too much into it. Instead of looking for reasons why it is breaking down, stop thinking about it. Rather than confusing yourself, making yourself feel bad or coming up with scenarios as to why it's not happening – take action!

Start making changes and doing things without thinking about them too much. Be spontaneous and exciting.

Reviving your sex life is not just about you. It is about your partner as well. So make sure that communication is open at all times and that you are both comfortable.

Now, stop reading and head to the bedroom!


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