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Picking comfortable sleepwear

Did you know that you spend a third of your life sleeping? That is a long time to be uncomfortable, which is exactly why picking comfortable sleepwear for you is essential.

Side note: just because sleepwear should be comfortable, does not mean it can't be sexy lingerie too!

Here at Bras By S; we aim to provide sexy, comfortable and affordable pieces of lingerie to all women within Australia. This means our range is filled with beautiful and high-quality pieces for you.


Take a read at our recommendations for finding comfortable sleepwear -

Satin babydolls

A babydoll is designed to be comfortable and is often the first pick for our plus size lingerie. They are often fitted at the bust area with spaghetti straps and drop down to flow at the bottom like a short dress.

Satin is soft and always comfortable if you are wearing the right size. It is also easy to hand wash and is definitely a sexy choice.

Pyjama sets

I'm almost positive that everybody has a comfortable pyjama set at home, possibly given to you by your mother or kids. There is no shame, I have a pair of flannelette that I have been wearing for years and they have ducks all over them - comfyyyyy!

While my duck pj's could be sexy, I doubt they are. You can find sexier sets in-store and online which are made from satin and/ or lace and look amazing. I have no shame in wearing my ducks when it gets cold though so neither should you.

Bustier sets

A bustier is fitted "singlet like" piece of lingerie, often made from satin or lace and then has optional garter straps to attach stockings. One of my favourite types of lingerie because it is so easily hidden under your everyday clothing.


Gowns are elegant, comfortable and sexy. Gowns are similar to a long babydoll, they are often tighter at the bust and drop down to the ankles in a soft material. I personally love wearing gowns as I feel like a bit of a queen plus I'm so comfortable!


Robes are an essential garment for every lingerie collection! They add the final touch to any outfit, help with comfort and warmth and of course they are sexy!


Okay, this one is kind of a joke, but also not. Let's be real here, some people prefer to sleep without any pyjamas and good for them! Do whatever is comfortable for you!


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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