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Our new collection - Sex Toys!

So, I had an idea!

Sex toys! I know it's something that a lot of women seek, however, may feel nervous, or uncomfortable purchasing or asking questions about the toys, which makes it hard.

Here at Bras By S, we are continually trying to boost women's confidence and I think we could also help women enjoy their sex lives to their maximum with our non-judgmental, helpful and caring nature.

We are still "testing" the category out, to see if it's something that we should continue doing or not, so if you have any suggestions or questions, please just get in contact with our staff.

Black bondage starter kit in Australia

Starting with the basics, we are offering two different seven-piece starter kits which have a range of different toys and restraints including:

  • Handcuffs

  • Ankle cuffs

  • Ball gags

  • Whips

  • Floggers

  • Eye masks

  • Nipple clamps

  • Chokers with leads

  • Rope

To be sure of what is included in your set, please look at the product description.

Both sets are made from faux leather which makes them comfortable and durable.

Trusting boutiques in Australia with sex toy's can be a big thing, so we are confident in our toys and their quality. We would never allow poor quality or unsafe toys into the hands of our customers.

Our main priority will most likely still be for our beautiful plus size lingerie range, however, we want to help women as much as possible, which means expanding our ranges!

Happy playing ladies!