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Meet the model - Sarah

Women come in a variety of shapes, sizes, weights, heights, skin tones and some have tattoos, stretch marks, a smaller or larger bust size, some have long or short hair. At the end of the day, every single woman is "real".

In today's marketing, you will notice that many lingerie companies, even plus size lingerie companies, use the most common type of model which is of a smaller size which is absolutely okay - they are real women too.

I want to use a variety of women for my photoshoots and marketing because there is absolutely no "typical" female body and look.

In my first photoshoot, I had many beautiful, strong women who I was lucky enough to have joined me. I was then lucky enough to ask them a few short questions which I wanted to share with you all.

Meet Sarah

Sexy white plus size lingerie set

What was the scariest thing about doing a lingerie shoot for the first time?

The thought of baring all in front of other people and feeling judged for my "flaws".

Were you nervous before the shoot?

I was sooooooooo nervous.

Did you have an "image" in mind of what a lingerie model should look like before the shoot?

Yes. So much of what is portrayed in the media is a woman with pert bums, big boobs, not a stretch mark in sight and perfectly flat tummy's. I don't see myself as any of those things, hence my major nerves leading up to the shoot.

Why did you decide to do the photoshoot?

Because it's actually something I've wanted to do, but I never felt like I lived up to the "standards" of what a lingerie model should be. When I found out that the photoshoot was going to challenge these ideas, I wanted to be apart of it.

Do you feel like you have had a confidence boost by doing the shoot?

Definitely! I saw how nervous and uncertain of themselves the other girls were and I realised we are all plagued by the same thoughts. There was no judgement and I felt so comfortable and even beautiful by the end.

What is your number one tip to somebody who is about to do their first lingerie shoot?

Everyone else is feeling the same insecurities about their own bodies too. You are never alone. Do it because you want to!

Would you do it again?

Yes, yes and yes!