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Lingerie items to take when you travel


Going away is always exciting. Whether it is a work trip or a holiday, it still means that you get to stay somewhere (hopefully nice) and escape your everyday life. When packing to go away, there are always certain items you have to take with you. They make your trip easier and keep you feeling like yourself. When it comes to packing your lingerie for a trip, it is no different. There are a few staple items that you must take away with you. They help keep you feeling comfortable and confident, in control and make your outfits work in the best way. Check out our top lingerie items to take when you travel.

Convertible bra

Has anyone else had the issue where they will wear the same 2 bras at home for a week, yet when they go to pack to go away, you put half a dozen in your bag? Yep – me too!

However, it really isn’t necessary. One of the most important pieces of lingerie that you should remember to pack in your bag is a convertible bra. This bra will be your lifesaver. It isn’t often that we will look through every outfit that we are packing and make sure that there will be no visible bra lines. By taking a convertible bra with you, you are covered for almost any outfit that you wear.

High waisted underwear

High waisted underwear are a comfortable answer to all our prayers. Not only do they keep you feeling comfy and secure but they also help to keep in any of those stomach spots you may not be happy with. They are a great everyday type of underwear or you can keep them for special occasions while you are away.


You just never know when you might get a chance to laze around in a pool or walk along the beachside. By having your swimsuit in your bag and at the ready, you can be prepared at all times.

Even if you are travelling in the colder months, throw it in. The place you are staying at might have a heated pool or a spa that you can take advantage of.

Something sexy

Yep, we said it. Make sure you pack one of your favourite ‘nighttime’ pieces of lingerie. If you are travelling with your partner then it will be perfect for the end of a date night together. Even if you are travelling on your own, take it with you. Just because no one will see it, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a chance to get dressed up and feel sexy and confident with yourself.

Your favourite bra and panties

There is always that one set that we reach for in the drawer. It is the one that we find most comfortable and confident in. Make sure you pack that and take it with you. Taking it will make you feel more relaxed and at home when you are wearing it. Kind of like a comfort blanket.


And with all this lingerie that you are taking, make sure that you also pack your delicate's washbag. Just because you are travelling and away from home does not mean that you should skip out on doing your laundry properly. This is especially important if you are using a laundromat, you don’t want any of your delicate pieces disappearing in the washing machine.

When travelling, make sure that you correctly pack your lingerie in your suitcase or bag as well. Bras should be folded and the cups kept in their original shape. If you throw them in all over the place you can risk having them become misshaped.

Lacey items or pieces that are more delicate should be placed away from zippers, clips and buckles to avoid any damage to them.

So next time you travel, make sure you take with you the staple pieces of lingerie and have an amazing trip!


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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