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How yoga can change your sex life


It is a well-known fact that exercise can improve your sex life. When you practise yoga, you get all of those benefits and even more. I'll give you a few reasons why, and then you can make the decision whether to continue yoga or not.

You find your own space

When you're having a real cruddy day, chances are, you aren't going to want to have sex. Which is completely normal, it is probably the last thing on your mind. Yoga has been proved to help with mental and physical problems, including anxiety and depression. So on those days when you're battling a little harder than usual, I recommend giving 30 minutes of yoga a go and stretching out your overworked muscles. After that time spent, you will feel like a completely new person and will be ready to move on with your day (and sex life!).

Boosts your energy levels

Having sex uses energy (obviously). It's not a secret that the majority of couples are lacking energy after they come home from work, which means their sleep is extremely important. Practicing yoga on a regular basis is incredible for your energy levels. Once you stretch out your muscles all over your body, you will feel more relaxed which makes it easier for you to sleep.

The more you sleep, the more energy you have (to use as you wish!).

You feel sexier

Any type of exercise not only provides energy, but it makes you feel good too. Which in return, increases your self-esteem. Yoga is an amazing exercise routine as it can be done just about anywhere at any time. All you need is yourself.

The more your practise yoga, the better you feel inside, making you feel sexier on the outside.


Yoga poses can increase flexibility in all of the main muscle groups - especially the glutes and hamstrings. Which in return, gives a better range of movement in bed!

A healthy spine

Poor spine health can impact negatively on your performance in the bedroom, the good news though, is that yoga releases tension in the back muscles and spine, helping to restore the natural curve of the spine.

A healthy spine = a healthy sex life.

Less stress

Being stressed is a known cause for lowered libidos, because of this, it is important to have a clear mind and reduce stress as much as possible. As mentioned earlier in this post, yoga allows you to relax which will result in less stress.

These were just a few, basic and "straight to the point" points. Hopefully, you are feeling inspired to get to it! (Yoga first though).


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