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How to wear lingerie at work

Plus size lingerie in australia

Many people when they think lingerie, they think the bedroom. You do not need to keep your sexy lingerie for just the bedroom though. There are many pieces that are still suitable for everyday use and can be worn under pretty much anything. Not only can you wear your sexy lingerie when you are out and about, but you can also wear it to work. It might seem a little nerve-wracking to wear your special pieces out, especially to work. But it can actually be a really good thing and actually has its benefits.

Why would I wear lingerie to work?

When someone mentions wearing lingerie to work, the obvious question is; why would I do that? Believe it or not, wearing lingerie to work can actually be really beneficial for you. No one is going to see the lingerie but by wearing it, you may feel a lot more confident. With sexy lingerie comes a feeling of confidence and control. This can come in very handy in the workplace especially if you are normally someone who struggles with confidence in the workplace.

The sexy and confident feeling can help you to come across as a more confident person, help you to stay motivated and also to help you enjoy your time at work.

How do I wear lingerie at work?

Obviously, there are pieces that you will not be able to wear under your work clothes but there are still plenty that you can wear.

The first step is to find pieces that will still provide you with the necessary support you need in all the right places. So for example bra’s or bralettes that don’t cover the full breast may not be the best idea if you require assistance with holding the breasts up.

Lingerie that has straps or pieces dangling off may not work under certain work attire either due to being noticed through your clothes or hanging out past your shirts.

What can I wear?

There are still plenty of pieces of lingerie that you can wear under your work clothes. Lacey bras and corsets can be easily worn under your clothes. Choose clothes that are looser fitting if you are wearing a corset to avoid too many visible lines.

When it comes to panties, if you are wearing pants at work – the world is your oyster. You can wear pretty much any type of panties under your pants. G-strings are an easy go-to as they also help remove any visible panty lines. You can also wear lacey or crotchless panties and no one will ever know.

If you are wearing a skirt with stockings to work, why not wear thigh high stockings that you can hold up with suspenders connected to your panties. With your skirt long enough, no one will even be able to tell.

What should I avoid?

The main thing you need to may attention to when choosing to wear your sexy lingerie at work is whether it will be visible to those around you. So if you are wearing a white shirt, steer clear of the bright coloured bras that will be seen through your shirt.

Items with large embellishments, cords or straps that will stand out might also be best kept to the bedroom. The last thing you want is to draw unnecessary attention to yourself because people can see things bulging from under your clothes.

Lingerie does not have to be extravagant or risky. There are many beautiful pieces of lacey lingerie that will be perfect to wear on your days at work. Why not take the risk and wear something sexy to work the next time you go.

You will not only feel sexy but you will also feel confident and in control. Not to mention the excitement and adrenaline rush that you will get knowing that you are wearing it under your clothes and no one knows.

Happy lingerie wearing!


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