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How to live a body-positive life

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Body image is a topic that gets talked about a lot. It is true that a large number of women are not happy with their bodies and wish to change certain parts of it. The way we see our own bodies differs from how others see it.

We are our own worst critics and this needs to change. We need to look at our bodies in a more positive way and focus on the good bits. Living a body-positive life can help you to feel confident and positive in all aspects of your life. It can completely change your mindset. Check out below a few tips on how to live a body positive life.

Be Comfortable

The first step in living a body positive life is to learn to be comfortable in your own skin. It can be hard at first as we always find the things we don’t like about ourselves. However, once you start to become comfortable in your own skin, you will become more comfortable and confident with your body. Start each morning by looking in the mirror and finding something about yourself that you are happy with. Rather than looking and finding the negatives, focus on the positives and get them to be your first thoughts.

Don’t Compare

How often do you look at someone else and wish that you had something they have?

This happens a lot when it comes to appearances. We always seem to want the body, the hair or the appearance that someone else has. It is important not to focus on this or compare yourself to other people. Everyone's bodies are different and even if you were to follow the exact same eating and exercise routine as someone else, it does not mean that you will end up looking the same as them.

Once you stop comparing yourself to others you will be able to focus on what it is that you have and become more confident and happy with it.

Let Go

There will always be things that we are unable to control. This is true also when it comes to our bodies. It could be that you have a medical condition preventing exercise or that plays with your hormones. In these cases, it is out of your control and you are unable to make certain changes that you would like to. Rather than dwelling on this and letting it get you down, try to let go.

Let go of the things that are out of your control. If you try to hold onto these you will start to have negative thoughts, become angry at yourself and not each a body positive life.

Look at your lifestyle

Becoming body-positive doesn’t always mean just accepting how you look in the present. If you truly want to make changes to your body, both inside and out – start by looking at your lifestyle. Do you have habits that you should consider stopping? Such as smoking or excessive drinking? Or could you change the way you eat and bring a healthier menu in? Making small changes to your lifestyle can not only improve your lifestyle, health and body but it can also help to make you more confident. Once you are feeling more healthy and confident it will help you to achieve a body positive life.

Being happy with your body can take time. You may need to make changes to your lifestyle or your mindset. By making these small changes it can make a huge difference to your life and the way that you see it.

Most importantly in order to live a body-positive life – it needs to be about you. Don’t look at others and what they might be thinking of you. If you are happy with your body and your life – that is all that matters. Other peoples opinions are not what makes you who you are. You are the product of your own creation, so make it how you want it to be.

Your happiness is number one and you need to be able to see what is preventing it from happening and make the changes necessary.

And remember, you are beautiful the way you are!


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