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Finding self-love

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The more we focus on ourselves and focus on making ourselves feel whole and worthy, the more we are able to give to the world. Self-love is a very important part of our lives and something that we need to nurture and increase as much as we can. We spend time on ourselves in the way of our bodies; eating well, exercising, we spend time on our relationships and our careers. But how much time do we spend on ourselves? On increasing and improving our self-love? Once you have decided that it is time to focus on your self-love, how do you do it?

Practice Self-care

The first step is to start practicing self-care. Start looking after yourself, both mind and body. Try to get more sleep and it longer periods. 8 hours of sleep is not going to work for you if it is in 8 one hour blocks. Eat a diet full of fresh and healthy foods. Focus on giving your body the nutrients it needs to stay energetic and active. Be active, go for a jog, join a gym or simply do some yoga at home. Use your free time to meditate. Meditation coupled with yoga is a great way to exercise both mind and body and bring you into a relaxed state of being.

Connect with your Inner Being

We know ourselves as the person that we show others. We are a person who works, does housework and is a family member. This is the identity that people have given you and you go with – which is fine but you also need to find your true identity. Take the time to stop what you are doing, relax and find your inner being. Things such as meditation, yoga and journaling are a great way to help you relax and find who you truly are.

Be your own biggest fan

Normally the first person to criticize you – is YOU. We are harder on ourselves than anyone else is and this shows that our self-love is lacking and needs to be increased. We speak to ourselves using harsh words and we second guess everything that we do. This needs to be one of the biggest changes that you make. You need to be able to be your biggest fan. Empathise with yourself when you need to, congratulate yourself when it is deserved and work towards being more confident with yourself and proud of the things that you achieve. Even if it starts with something small, like praising yourself for getting through all the washing in one day. Once you begin praising yourself, being happy with yourself and being your own biggest fan you will see a huge shift in the way you see and act towards yourself.

Respect Yourself

We show respect to so many people around us. We respect those older than us, we respect our family members and we respect those who we work for. Stop for a moment and think about if you respect yourself. Do you respect the way you are as a person? Do you respect your uniqueness? Would you respect everything about you - if it was someone else?

We need to respect ourselves in order to achieve self-love. We need to be comfortable with the person that we are and be someone that we would happily and comfortably introduce to others and be thankful to have as a friend. The old saying is ‘treat those the way you would like to be treated’ As true as this is, we should also be treating ourselves the way we would like to be treated. Which means that we need to respect ourselves, we need to be proud of ourselves and we need to let it show.

Self-love can take time to work on and it is not an overnight change. You need to be able to take the time to put the effort in, know the areas you need to work on and focus. Once you start to make the changes and your self-love increases you will see a massive shift in yourself. Your confidence will increase, you will be happier and you will be proud to be who you are. You are important and it is time to start taking care of yourself.


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