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How to ask for what you want in the bedroom

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Getting intimate in the bedroom is something that we all enjoy. It is a time to enjoy yourself, bond with your partner and reach that big ‘O’. When it comes to getting intimate in the bedroom, there are many different things you can be doing with your partner.

There is of course sex, foreplay, fantasy play and much more. Every now and again, you may think about wanting to try new things in the bedroom. This is perfectly normal and a lot of people have these thoughts. It could be something that you have talked about with your partner, something you have dreamt about or that you have heard someone else talking about. It can be embarrassing at times asking your partner to try something new, especially if you do not know how they will react. Find out below a few tips on how to ask for what you want in the bedroom.

Be honest

The most important way to talk to your partner about what you want in the bedroom is by simply being honest with them.

Talk to them about the different things you would like to try. Find out what they are interested in. By talking to your partner and both of you have a chance to get your thoughts and feelings out you can come to an agreement on different things to try in the bedroom. Before you start anything new, make sure that you are both comfortable with it and are prepared for the other person to say stop at any time if they are not comfortable.

Roleplay it

It can be embarrassing saying that you want to try something new, but it can be even more embarrassing and even awkward doing it for the first time. Rather than just going in and starting, why not turn it into a roleplay or fantasy type game? By doing this you are able to get you both in the mood from the beginning and remove a lot of the stress and nerves around trying something new.

Plus, it gives an extra sexy feel to the bedroom if you are using roleplay.

Lead by example

If you and your partner have talked about trying new things before and thrown a few ideas out there, why not lead by example and get them started. Chances are that they have not done anything yet because they are waiting for you to do it and vice versa.

So instead of waiting for your partner to get it started, lead by example and make the first move. Once they see that you are taking the reigns they will be on board and keep it going. And who knows, they might love the new, sexy, in control person that you are being in the bedroom.

Turn it into a game

If you have ever been to an adult shop, you would know that there are a number of different games and additives you can purchase to be used in the bedroom. If you are uncomfortable with talking to your partner about the new things that you want to do in the bedroom, why not get them started in a game.

There are different games that give options for things to do, tasks to be done and so much more. You can use this as the way to get started with the new exciting things that you want to try and then keep going after the game has ended.

At the end of the day, the most important thing when it comes to doing anything in the bedroom is communication and trust. You must have both of these in order to have a happy and enjoyable bedroom experience.

Take the time to talk to your partner about what you would like to try. And make sure that you are giving them a chance to do the same. Who knows you might both want to try the same new things.

And remember to have fun. If it doesn’t happen the way you wanted it to, laugh it off and try again another time.

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