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How a boudoir shoot can boost your confidence

Plus size lingerie boudoir shoot

We all need a boost to our confidence every now and again. Being confident doesn’t come naturally to many people. And when it does, it isn’t always in all aspects of our lives.

One area of our lives where many people are not confident is when it comes to our bodies, especially when they are exposed. However, there are ways that you can boost your confidence in your body, which can then bring itself out in other areas of your life. If I was to mention a boudoir shoot to you, what would you say? It may not be something you have thought of doing. Or maybe it's something that you have never thought you would do. But it can really help. Check out below how a boudoir shoot can boost your confidence.

Shows your body how others see it

We are our own worse critic. No one else sees our bodies as we do. Because of this, we tend to find the most issues with our bodies and focus on those rather than the positives. When having a boudoir shoot, your photographer will focus on your 'positive' points. They will help dress you in lingerie that suits your body type. They will photograph you in poses that compliment your body. And most of all, they will make you feel comfortable while doing it.

Makes you feel sexy

Even if the confidence takes a little while to come, you will no doubt feel sexy during the shoot. Trying on the different lingerie, being looked after and having fun will all help with how you are feeling. Your photographer is not new at this, they will know how different women feel during the shoots and will help you to feel comfortable and sexy throughout and most importantly, without any judging.

The feeling of laying around in lingerie with your hair and makeup done is a very sexy feeling. Whether you are confident or not, the sexier feelings will still come through.

You are in control

Even though someone else is telling you how to pose and directing you – you are still in control.

If you do not like a pose you are being put into or are not comfortable with something, that's okay, because you are in charge and can say no at any point.

If you're there in lingerie, looking amazing and being in control, you will notice it brings out a different level of confidence and control. It is a huge confidence boost to be in control and in charge. Throw in sexy lingerie and you are sure to feel more confident.

You can be yourself

As scary as it might seem to be exposed in lingerie in front of someone you barely know, it gives you a chance to be yourself. Your photographer will chat to you, laugh and have fun with you while doing the shoot. This will help make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings and start to be yourself. It might take a little while to feel comfortable but before you know it you will forget that you are in lingerie and it will be like you are just chatting with an old friend.

Doing a boudoir shoot is a huge boost to your confidence as you start to feel comfortable with your body and someone else seeing it in that exposed state.

And most of all, after your shoot and you are provided with your photos and you will be able to see the beauty that is you. You can see all the amazing parts of your body and how good they actually look. You are able to look back at your photos when you are feeling down about yourself and see how sexy and beautiful you really are. This is going to help with your confidence levels and bring a newfound sex appeal and confidence to the way that you see yourself.

Not only does it help with the confidence in how you see yourself, but also in how you portray yourself. It will help you to be more confident in person and it will come across in all aspects of your life.

So if you have been wondering about whether or not to have a boudoir shoot done, wonder no longer. Book one in and see for yourself how much it will change your view of yourself!

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Credit for images:

Photographer & Creative Director – Kerry Sleeman Photography

Makeup Artist – Liz Bomben Hair & Makeup Artist

Lingerie – Bras By S - Fishnet Stockings


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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