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Finding your sex confidence

Sexy plus size lingerie model in Australia

Confidence is something that we all strive for. We want to be confident in our everyday lives, to be able to show who we are in a confident way, proudly stand up for ourselves and make our lives something that we are enjoying. Confidence can stem a lot deeper though and someone who may be very confident on the outside and in their social lives may be lacking confidence in other areas.

The bedroom is somewhere that confidence is wanted and needed. It is a way to be able to not only show your partner how you feel about them and how you want them to see you but it is also a way to feel good about yourself and be proud of yourself. Gaining confidence in the bedroom can be a lot more difficult than gaining it in the outside world. It is a very personal space and one that you have to learn to be comfortable and confident in.

Want to know how you can become more confident in the bedroom? Read on….

Go shopping for lingerie

One of the first steps to becoming more confident in the bedroom is by going shopping for some sexy new lingerie. Lingerie should be purchased for you, before thinking about anyone else. Look at the different items available and choose pieces that not only make you look good but more importantly, that you are also comfortable in wearing. Once you find something that you are comfortable in, take it home and look at yourself in the mirror wearing it. Look at your different shapes and curves and be proud of how you look in it.

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Dim the lighting

In no way is the dimming of the lights to try and hide how you look at all. Fluorescent lights are no one's friend and they can be such a mood killer! Having the lights dim can also help with your confidence because you are slowly and gently let your partner see your body. It is like you are introducing them to something new and exciting. It can help with your confidence as you will not be as insecure as you may be with bright lights down on you.

Wax, shave or get laser done

There is no sexier feeling than getting in a bed with freshly cleaned sheets and silky smooth legs. If you have the time to go for a wax, shave or get laser done we highly recommend it. If you are brave enough then even opt for a bikini or Brazilian as well as the legs. A silky smooth wax, shave or laser appointment will have you feeling sexy and with sexy comes confidence.

In saying this, you do not have to wax, shave or get laser done to be sexy!! You do whatever you feel comfortable with and prefer.

Step outside your comfort zone

We all have a comfort zone when it comes to the bedroom. It may be because we simply have not had a chance to experience other things or we may still be unsure of other things in the bedroom. Breaking out of your comfort zone can open up a lot of opportunities in the bedroom for you and it can also raise your confidence levels by quite a lot. Speak to your partner about trying new things and taking it slow with it.


It is hard to feel sexy and confident if you are feeling stressed and exhausted. As hard as it may sound, relaxing is one of the easiest ways to increase your confidence. Relaxing will help you to get in the mood, feel more excited about what is happening and be more confident with the activities to follow.

Raising your confidence can take a bit of time and effort. Don’t feel disheartened if you are not super confident after a day or two of changing things. Take your time, learn more about yourself, learn to love yourself first and let the confidence start to build.

Once you have raised your confidence in the bedroom, it will also help in raising your confidence in other areas of your life. If you can become confident in a personal space where you are exposed then you can become confident in any part of your life.

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Photographer & Creative Director – Kerry Sleeman Photography

Makeup Artist – Liz Bomben Hair & Makeup Artist

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