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Finding the right lingerie fit


Choosing the right lingerie is more than picking something that looks good and is the same clothing size as you normally wear. Choosing the right fit for your lingerie is important to ensure comfort, confidence and that you are not going to be causing any pain and discomfort. If you choose a bra that does not fit correctly you can end up with irritation, back pain and in general make you feel uncomfortable – this is the last thing you want, especially if you need to be wearing it all day!

There are a few things that you can do to ensure you choose the right size. If you take the time to measure properly and get the right fit, it will make you feel a million dollars!

Measure beforehand

Just because you were one size last year, doesn’t mean you will be that size again this year. There are many things that can alter the size of your breasts including hormone changes, weight loss/gain and whether you were pregnant or breastfeeding when you last bought lingerie. Using a soft tape measure, measure the area underneath your breasts – around the rib cage and then measure around the largest part of your breasts. Using both these measurements you can determine both the band size and the cup size that you need. Your band size does not always equal the same as your shirt size – so don’t skip this step.

Try it on

Pretty simple right? Every bra is different. Even if you have your measurements it is still best to try them on before buying (if you are buying in a store) When trying them on, make sure you wear a thin shirt so that you can see how it will look under the thinnest of clothing, move around in it – to make sure that it supports your breasts well and there is no falling out or slipping around and pay attention to the straps and back band.


How does it feel? Comfort is important and you want to be comfortable and confident in your new lingerie. Take the time not only to feel the pieces and how they feel on you but also take the time to look at yourself in your new buys. Being comfortable is more than just making sure it fits and isn’t digging in anywhere. Being comfortable also includes being confident in it. If you are not confident in your new lingerie there will always be a comfort factor which is missing. You will be self-conscious and forever readjusting and moving it around to try and find that comfort.

What if I am purchasing online?

If you are purchasing your new lingerie online then make sure you pay attention to their sizing charts on the website, if they do not have sizing charts – move onto the next website. Many lingerie items can not be returned once worn, so it is important to get the right fit the first time. Many websites will have a sizing chart listed with their products so that you can refer to that with your measurements. If in doubt at all, email or call the business and speak to them about the sizing and making sure you are purchasing the right size. They will be more than happy to assist.

Does the same theory work for underwear?

The above all work for underwear as well. Make sure you measure around your hip, waist and legs to ensure that the right size is picked. Do not assume that because you are a size 12 in jeans that you will be in your underwear as well.

Your lingerie is something that you should be proud of, confident in and most importantly comfortable in. Take the time to choose pieces that you LOVE and that you will be excited to wear. Don’t just ‘wing it’ make sure you find the pieces that actually fit you and that are going to last you a while. Once you have found the pieces that work for you – don’t be afraid to buy a couple of each of them. There is nothing wrong with having overflowing underwear draw 😉 The only problem is deciding which one you will wear next!


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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