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Feminism in 2020

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Feminism. It is a word that is thrown around a lot these days. There are forever talks of feminism in the media, in the workplace and in our everyday lives. Over the years there have been many movements and changes that have come into place for females and many of these have stemmed from a person or group who are fighting for women’s rights.

Feminism itself has also come a long way in recent years and has changed the way it is seen as well.

What is feminism?

Feminism is the fighting for equal rights for women. It involves looking for an answer to situations that has the same outcome for all genders.

It is the removal of disadvantaging women based on their gender. In many cases, women have been disadvantaged when it comes to employment opportunities, housing options and in general everyday life due to their gender.

Feminism is fighting for this to stop and for women to be on an equal page with men when it comes to all different situations.

Is there a need for it?

Over history, there have been many cases where a woman has been disadvantaged based on their gender. It can be seen in political environments, social environments, religious and workplaces. There is a need for feminism and sticking up for women’s rights in order to make sure these changes.

There have been huge changes over the years that have helped women to feel more included and equal to men on many levels, however, there is still work to be done.

Why is there so much negativity around feminism?

When you read articles online or watch the news on TV you are sure to see something come up about feminism. In many cases, the reports they are informing you about include those who are radical feminists. This means that they believe that there has been no-budge at all and that women have not been given any rights or equality. At times the protests can become out of hand and this shows feminism in a bad light. Not at all what it is meant to be.

How do I be a feminist?

Being a feminist is not something you need to train for or sign up for. You can simply decide for yourself if you want to be a feminist and support women’s rights. You do not even need to use the feminist title.

You can show your support by speaking up when you see a woman being disadvantaged. Or you can let a woman take your place in something that she may not have been chosen for herself. It can be as simple as saying you support equality and women’s rights.

What does 2020 mean for a feminist?

There has been a lot of talk in the media in the last 2 years in regards to different issues that are predominately related to women and their bodies. For example, in America, there is talk about making abortions illegal and removing that chose how a woman makes choices about her own body from her.

Feminism in 2020 will deal with a lot of hard-hitting issues including those around a women’s body, rape and the way that she conducts herself.

It is a year where we need to stick together, support each other and remember the facts. There will be a lot of chances to lose our cool but we need to remember that we are doing this for the right reasons.

Another thing to remember is that being feminism does NOT mean that we need to hate men or blame them for what is happening to us. It is a time to educate them, let them see for themselves that there is an issue and have them work with us to resolve it.

Feminism is not a bad thing and it should be seen with open eyes and an open mind.