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Buying lingerie online


If you're anything like me, you are extremely busy and constantly looking for ways to save time. That's where online shopping comes into play!

I like to buy as much as possible online, especially now that I am so low on time, which means my lingerie purchases would also be online if I didn't own a lingerie boutique!

But, how do you buy quality lingerie online? Here are our top tips for buying your lingerie online.


Don't guess your sizing

Always check your measurements against size charts, if the boutique doesn't have size charts, you could send them a message requesting to see one. Every lingerie boutique in Australia can slightly differ in their sizing. it is usually a very minor difference, but any difference in lingerie can make or break the outfit.

Read store policies

Each lingerie boutique will also differ with their policies, in particular, their return policies. Many boutiques don't offer exchanges or refunds, which is important for you to make your order. You should ensure that the boutique you are ordering with, offers exchanges.

Consider time-frames

When ordering online, be prepared to wait for your order to arrive. Most lingerie boutiques will state their handling times and also an approximate delivery time-frame.

Shop locally

Lingerie purchased within Australia is often better quality, comes quicker and better sizing. You can purchase lingerie from overseas which may come in a little cheaper, however, the risks are a lot larger. It is also important to support small businesses within Australia instead of larger companies overseas.

Read customer reviews/ check social media accounts

I personally like to check out social media accounts and customer reviews on Facebook and Instagram. A business isn't able to hide from their negative past on social media.

I hope this helps you when purchasing your lingerie online, buying from a business who cares is always the most important factor in picking where to shop. I am a little bias, but you won't regret shopping with Bras By S. Take a look at our range here.


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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