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Buying lingerie for you

Sexy lingerie model wearing white bodysuit in Australia

When you think about sexy lingerie, what do you think? A lot of people straight away think about an outfit or set that is put together for their partner. Something to excite their partner and make them happy. If you choose to do this, then great! But this is not the reason why you should be buying sexy lingerie. You should be buying it for YOU. You should be buying pieces that make you feel good, that you are comfortable in and that you are proud of. Buying sexy lingerie can be good for you in a number of ways.


There is something about lace that just increases confidence – am I right? Choosing a few pieces of lingerie that are both sexy and practical means that you can feel confident, sexy and powerful at any time of the day. You do not need to keep your lacey bras and panties just for special occasions. Wear them under your work clothes, out to lunch and even just around the house. If you are in a set that makes you feel sexy and confident than it will be able to be seen through your demeanour and both your mind and body will portray the confidence in your day to day life.


Find a couple of pieces that are special to you. Ones that you fell in love with as soon as you saw them and nothing was going to stop you from buying them. These are the ones that you can wear either when you are feeling down and need to have a confidence boost or ones that you can wear on special occasions. It is important to find ways to show ourselves self-love and this is one of them. It is a way to show yourself that you love your body, that you are confident in it and that you are going to rock your new lingerie.


Body image is something that is thrown in our faces every day. There is always an article online about someone who is deemed overweight or underweight and every second ad on social media seems to be for dieting or exercise plans. Wearing sexy lingerie is your way of showing your body empowerment. Showing that you are happy with your body, no matter what size it is. Sexy lingerie can be bought in all sizes and even if you are not a small build there is still plenty of options for you to choose from. Be empowered with your body and show that you can and will wear the pieces that you love!

To celebrate being a woman

It is standard for many people (men included) to assume that we dress in sexy lingerie for them. That is it all about them and when we are not with them we are just wearing granny panties. Change this stigma by wearing your sexy lingerie when you want to. Celebrate the fact that you can wear the matching bra and panties without someone expecting it to lead to something else. Celebrate your body and the power you have over your body.

Understand yourself sexually

Since sexy lingerie is often factored in with sexual activity, use this as a way to learn about yourself and your sexuality. Step outside the box and purchase a few items that you have never worn before. Whether it is a corset or a pair of fishnet stocking or even just a different style bra. You can use this as a learning experiment to see what you are comfortable in and what you would like to wear in the future. Find what makes you feel sexy and powerful.

We need to change the stigma around lingerie and the first step is realizing ourselves that wearing sexy lingerie needs to be for us and not for anyone else. It is a way to build confidence, power and happiness. So next time you are in-store or online looking at lingerie, stop thinking about your partner and think about yourself. What do YOU want to wear? What do YOU feel sexy in? What will make YOU happy?

Sexy lingerie makes for sexy confidence.


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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