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Body shaming needs to stop


One thing that I have learned about being a woman, is that body-shaming is very real. It is also painful and heartbreaking to know that most women experience body shaming.

The first thing I should do is explain what body shaming is.

The Oxford dictionary describes body shaming as "the action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size". I describe body shaming as simply bullying yourself or somebody else because of their appearance.

Either definition, it is a horrible thing to experience or even do to another person.

The most common form of body-shaming is usually about somebodies weight. I'm sure you have heard of people calling somebody fat, this is a prime example. I for one, want to know who defined fat? Who decided that being above a certain size makes you fat? Also, who decided that fat is a negative word?

All questions that I can't answer, you can't answer and society can't answer.

While this may be blamed on high-end fashion runways or magazines, I think we can only blame society as a whole for getting caught up in it all.

I do think that some people don't realise that body shaming can actually go the other way as well, I have a close friend who was bullied immensely for being "skinny".

I once overheard somebody say "well men only like women with meat on their bones" and "you are way too skinny", nasty right? This is also body shaming.

How crazy is it that you can get bullied for being both "fat" or "skinny:.

Again, who dictated the rules of what defines each? Who decided what sizes fit the appropriate categories?

I am trying to build the idea that women should do and wear and feel whatever they want too, so I only ask you to please do what YOU want.

If you want to go to the gym every day, then okay. If you want to eat junk food for dinner, then okay. Do whatever you want and focus on yourself.

Please don't listen, encourage or feed into body shaming.

I think that instead of comparing ourselves and others to what the apparent ideal picture of what "beautiful" is, we should all focus on our own unique bodies and personalities. We should work on loving ourselves, no matter our size or our shape.

Instead of tearing each other down, we should work together to build each other up.


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