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Big boob problems


I've always had a bigger bust size, I enjoyed it when I was younger and they were just a size C/D (my ideal size!) but now that they are an E cup, I find quite a few problems with having a bigger bust!

Here are some common problems which bigger busted ladies face regularly:

You can only wear short chained necklaces - if we even tried to wear a long necklace, it just gets stuck between our boobs and makes it uncomfortable.

You can't wear anything backless - I can't even imagine a day where I wouldn't wear a bra (or try one of those stick-on bras!).

You look especially sexy in regular clothes - I would love to be able to wear a V cut shirt or a cute bralette without showing off my boobs because then they wouldn't be the statement of every outfit!

You wear more than one bra for exercise - I remember reading something when I was younger that a woman wore a regular bra and a sports bra to go to the gym, I thought it was ridiculous and no way it was possible. Well, well, well. Wasn't I wrong? I wear two bras to the gym now too.

Back pain - oh the back pain! Being a small size 8 at the waist and then having a large E cup, puts a lot of pressure and extra weight on my back which ultimately causes pain.

You can't wear button-down shirts - I've had jobs where my uniform was a button-down shirt, and no matter what I tried (extra buttons, safety pins ect), nothing kept those little gaps closed. I had to wear a singlet underneath my uniform.

Tops with cups sewn in - ok, seriously who designed these? Useless. That is all.

Bra shopping - this is the reason which I decided to open my own lingerie boutique. Bra shopping for bigger sizes is near impossible, they are either extremely expensive, sold out, or ugly. It is honestly as simple as that! Which is why I started designing and selling my own bras!

Boob sweat - Summer seriously sucks. Boobs sweat so much and then sometimes there are rashes too?! It is not fun at all!

Crossbody bags - these bags feel like my body is being cut in half, not enjoyable!

Don't get me wrong, there are good points to big boobs too, but before telling me you wish you had my boobs, please read and memorize the daily struggles us bigger busted women get!