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About Bras By S

Sexy plus size lingerie model boutique in Australia

I'm Shorina! I'm the Founder & Director of Bras By S.

I launched Bras By S (BBS for short) in 2017, it was my very first baby. I'm now a mum (of real babies!) and I'm also the Founder of Mindful Soul Collective, a mental health service. My family and I live in Newcastle, Australia, which is also where BBS is based.

As a child, I always knew I wanted to help women. I didn't exactly know how I would do that, but I knew I would 'somehow'. When I became a teenager, I started to notice the struggle my mum faced with finding bras that fit well, looked beautiful and were affordable. My mum would always joke that I should become a 'bra designer' to help women like her - look at me now, mum!

At just 15 years old, I was a 10DD and at 18 years old, I was between a 10E and 10F. This meant I was facing the exact same struggles as I watched my mum face. I found that I had two major options... wearing beautiful, expensive pieces of lingerie or wearing boring, affordable pieces of lingerie. It was a lose-lose situation really.

In 2016, I was faced with one of the hardest times of my life. I was driving home from my full-time sales job and was in a car accident. The car accident caused a lifelong back injury that resulted in months on bedrest and more than a year without being able to work. It was incredibly physically. mentally and emotionally draining. I had no choice but to rethink everything about my future.

After months of focusing on the negatives and being a victim, I remembered myself as a child, dreaming of helping women and wanting to make a difference in their beautiful lives. This led me to start studying counselling. I became a Certified Counsellor and completed more than 30 specialty certificates in the mental health field.

On one particularly difficult day with my back, I just wanted to feel better so I decided to put on a piece of lingerie I had made and noticed how empowered it made me feel. I felt unstoppable. I felt sexy. I felt confident. My body was overtaken by self-love. I felt like nothing could ever bring me back down and that's when I realised the magic of lingerie.

Lingerie was like real magic and I knew that I was ready to empower women through self-love and lingerie which is when BBS was born.

I knew that I wanted to offer beautiful, sexy pieces for women of all sizes because there are no size limits in self-love.

When Bras By S was first launched, I focused heavily on hand-making the lingerie. I would hand sew beautiful little sequins and pearls onto laces. Each piece took a few hours to complete and I loved knowing I was giving the magic of lingerie to women. As my beautiful little business grew, I couldn't keep up with orders so I started to outsource the sewing aspects (which is so, so amazing!)

Now, Bras By S is worn by tens of thousands of women not only in Australia, but around the world. I have the privilege of spending my days knowing that I am changing women's lives and I'm here, helping women like I always dreamt of.

Bras By S is still a small, family-owned business so every single order means the absolute world to me, truly. Thank you for helping my dreams come true and thank you for supporting my dreams.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider shopping with Bras By S:

- We are a size-inclusive brand and will only continue extending sizes

- We are a small family-owned business in Australia

- We keep all stock on hand to ensure quality is always of the highest standard (no drop-shipping business here!)

- We love the environment as much as you. We have chosen to skip the swing tags and extra packaging on orders because they're unnecessary. We will send your orders in biodegradable and or recyclable packaging. You can see our full Environmental impact here

- We have conducted reviews of all manufacturers to ensure sustainability. You can see more about our sustainability here

- We offer a range of customer-friendly and safe payment options, including PayPal

- Whenever you reach out to us, you're speaking to somebody from our family, which means the person you're talking to truly cares

- We offer an easy exchange process, you can view our full Return Policy here

If you want to feel empowered, sexy, confident and overtaken by self-love too then it's time to go shopping!

S x


Bras By S is an Australian Lingerie Boutique, offering sizes 6-30 with more than 500+ styles available in plus size.

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