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31 days of self-care

31 Days of self care challenge

What is the 31-day self-care challenge? It is simple, you practise one specific self-care activity every day for 31 days.


Self-care is vital to somebody's overall health, doing a challenge like this can help you understand how important it is and what kind of difference it can make in the short term. You can see what self-care is here.

Now you know what the point of the challenge is, here is your 31 days worth of self-care activities.

Day one: Go for a half an hour walk. It can be before or after work, or even on your lunch break. Just squeeze it into your routine.

Day two: Write down 20 things you like about yourself. This can be anything from your eyelashes, to your laugh, to your mac and cheese cooking abilities.

Day three: Call your parents. It doesn't need to be an hour-long conversation, just call them to see how they are.

Day four: Visit your dentist. I 100% agree that this one sucks, but it is very important!

Day five: Buy yourself something new. My recommendation is some new lingerie, I know I am totally biased but where else would you buy plus size lingerie?!

Day six: Try a yoga or pilates class. Pick which you'd like to try (they are different by the way) and give it a go!

Day seven: Get your hair cut. Be radical or don't be radical, either way, a hair cut is always fun!

Day eight: Wake up early and see the sunrise. Getting up early won't be beautiful, but seeing the sunrise is a perfect way to start your day.

Day nine: Eat something insanely healthy for lunch and then eat something insanely bad for you for dinner, like an entire pizza or KFC. Balance is the key.

Day ten: Visit your best friend for a movie night. Nothing makes you feel better than some love from your best friend.

Day eleven: Make an appointment for a skin check with your doctor. Skin checks should be done yearly, or more frequently if you notice something unusual.

Day twelve: Do nothing. Literally, spend a day doing nothing but being lazy and watching your favourite movies.

Day thirteen: Listen to music all day. Keep your headphones on you and every chance you get, pop on your favourite artist.

Day fourteen: Read a personal development book. I honestly love them, they are so inspiring and uplifting!

Day fifteen: Unplug. Don't use social media for the entire day.

Day sixteen: Ensure you drink at least 2L of water today, no less!

Day seventeen: Stretch all your muscles before your day starts. You'd be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

Day eighteen: Watch a documentary. Pick a fascinating topic and then watch a documentary about it.

Day nineteen: Write a list of things you have been holding onto and how you can move on from them. For example, forgiving somebody for something they may have said.

Day twenty: Get rid of 5 things in your house that you don't use. It could be anything; shoes, shampoos, old makeup.

Day twenty-one: Do a puzzle. If I were you, I'd be avoiding picking a huge 1000 piece puzzle though.

Day twenty-two: Have an early night. Go to bed early and wake up feeling refreshed!

Day twenty-three: Work up a sweat. Go to your local gym and pick up some weights.

Day twenty-four: Watch an old movie. You always hear in movies how amazing the old ones are, I definitely agree! My personal favourite is Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Day twenty-five: Make a list of your accomplishments - anything and everything can be included here (including finishing 6 plates at all you can eat!).

Day twenty-six: Bake brownies for a friend. You may or may not need to give them to your friend though..

Day twenty-seven: Volunteer. Volunteering will ultimately help somebody in need, however, it is also helping out your local community. You will feel great about giving back to the community.

Day twenty-eight: Plan a dream vacation. Plan from day one to day 100 if you need, even look at costing. You may find it is more affordable than you thought!

Day twenty-nine: Seek professional advice. This can be for anything at all, from a sore neck to just needing somebody to chat too. Remember that you are always number one.

Day thirty: Clear out your social media accounts. I am just as guilty as you, I have negative people on my accounts and I also have people I don't even know. Spend an hour or two deleting/ unfollowing these people. Your social media time will then be focused on the important people in your life!

Day thirty-one: Set your goals for the next month. You could even write your own self-care challenge!

Congratulations! You have finished your challenge - easy right? How amazing do you feel now!