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Boosting your confidence in the bedroom

It's completely normal to feel nervous when you're in the bedroom, especially if it's your first time with a new partner. When you're nervous, chances are, it won't be as exciting as it could be.

We thought we would give a few tips on how you can boost your confidence in the bedroom!

Dress up (or down)

Lingerie, lingerie and more lingerie! It can really be as simple as buying some new sexy lingerie. You don't need to go and spend a crazy amount but buying a new bra and underwear set will certainly make you look sexy, but you will also feel sexy.

Know what you want

How will you be able to tell your partner what you want, if you don't know? Learn your body and what you enjoy on your own so it can be brought into the bedroom.

Dim the lights

I'll admit, I still get nervous when the lights are on. There's just something about having myself fully exposed which is nerve-wracking. Dimming the lights (or turning them off) can reduce your nerves almost immediately.


It is hard to feel sexy when you are tired or stressed to the max. Remember to practise regular self-care to reduce your overall stress, this will lead to more fun in the bedroom.

Don't compare yourself

This is extremely important - stop comparing yourself to your partner's ex or to the actress in the movie you just watched. Be yourself, act yourself and you'll find the confidence you never knew you had.

Foreplay during the day

Of course, this one involves a little more effort, but you could start by sending a sexy photo to your partner in the morning with a quick message about how you can't wait until you're both home from work.

Don't think, just do

Stop overthinking it! No doubt, you are probably stressing about doing something wrong but chances are, your partner hasn't even thought about it. Just have fun, do what feels right at the moment and enjoy yourself.


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